It Could Be Worse Tuesday

Yesterday I had an unfortunate event.  I got into my first car accident.  It was horrible.  I didn’t know what to do, what the protocol was.  The first person I called was my boss to tell him I was going to be a little late because of what happened.  I probably should have called the cops first, but I didn’t wanna upset my boss on a Monday, (hes actually super cool and laid back and wouldn’t have cared, but I was just being courteous.) I was pissed.  I immediately thought back to the prior day when my good friend I … Continue reading It Could Be Worse Tuesday

“Was it really?” Wednesday

Today I wanted to reflect on the year 2016 and ask myself and my readers “Was it really?” as in, was it really that bad? I look back to the first day of 2016 and I woke up without a hangover and well rested as I spent New Years Eve in my room watching movies and talking on the phone.  For a short time I regretted not going out and thought that I had wasted my time sitting on the phone all night, but in reality it was pretty good.  I enjoyed the phone call and I learned a lot … Continue reading “Was it really?” Wednesday

Wednesday Winter Woes

Where is the snow?  I do not like this green we are hours away from December 1st.  There should be snow by now.  It isn’t the Holiday Season without snow (sorry to anyone from a lame state that doesn’t get snow, and yes “lame” is an opinion.)  I have always associated snow with Christmas, and even Thanksgiving.  I remember going to my aunt and uncles house on Lake Marion for Holidays and there being ice covering the lake.  It was usually think enough for me to walk on.  This year, my first Holiday with my extended family in a long … Continue reading Wednesday Winter Woes

Wednesday Wisdom

I have ten minutes left of my lunch break so listen closely.  I am going to give you some wisdom today.  Do not skip out on your diet that you have been working so hard on.  I have slipped on my diet for about the past month and I am feeling the impact.  Boy, I am getting gooey. Go look at old buildings, and awesomely decorated streets this holiday season.  The snow on the trees is beautiful, and the street lights casting their light over a snow covered road will bring you some joy. Plan where you would want to plant … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom

Friday Forwards

Hey, welcome to my blog.  Whoever is reading this, you rock.  Earlier today I wrote a blog called “Friday Franklys” and now I felt like writing a Friday Forward, which is kind of like a pay it forward, but not as extreme.  These are minor “Forwards” that everyone can do. First, lets start with a simple action.  If you find yourself in public this weekend.  Stop and look around.  Forward the beauty of people and animals and nature around you.  Notice the squirrel sitting on a couch by the dumpster that somebody has thrown around.  If you are driving, whip … Continue reading Friday Forwards

Friday Franklys

Today I start my Friday series.  Its a two part series where I tell you Five things open and honestly.  My second part will come out later and it is called “Friday Forwards” where I suggest a few different ways to pay it forward to bring a light to this cold, cruel world.  And Frankly, I don’t give a damn if you read them or not. Frankly, I don’t know where I am going with these today.  I was so set on my car ride in to work that I thought I had so many things to say.  I was … Continue reading Friday Franklys

Thursday Thoughts

Remember two months ago when everyone was freaking out over an athlete sitting during the national anthem?  I wonder if people still care, or if that was one of those news things that people pretended to care about like Harambe or Kim Kardashian being robbed. Society today plays in to the news and tabloids too much in my opinion.  I used to do it, sometimes if its a celebrity I like I will pay attention to it, maybe post about it but not so much anymore.  I usually post about sports and good warm stories. *Thanks Taylor for always posting … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts