Spring 2017


To my few select readers,

I have not written in a long time.  Last time, I probably vented or went off on some political rant.  Today, you don’t get that.

It is Spring.  New beginnings.  New life.  Everyone is starting to shed their winter fat and get their beach bodies going.  Well they’re at least trying.  That’s not a stab at anyone in particular, but if it was, he knows who it would be directed at..

Spring.  The second best season out of four.  The cold dark days start becoming longer and brighter.  They are warmer and more colorful.  Flowers sprout up, grass livens up, trees produce leaves.  Baby animals open their eyes for the first time.  Bro tanks return, leggings get stored away.  Everyone seems a little more chipper.  Maybe its the higher dose of vitamin D.  Maybe its the fact that school is coming to a close and many college students are going to head out into the real world.  There are many reasons Spring is great.

This year there is a lot of controversy surrounding the environment.  Bees are endangered, our ice caps are melting, our days are getting hotter.  Sure, people say, “It’s not global warming, it is bound to happen.”  Well this is what I have to say to that.  Why not plant trees, take care of the environment, make landscapes beautiful and attempt to make a change.  Even if its bound to happen like you say, why not at least go out with a beautiful environment?  Let’s clean up the air and water.  Lets plant trees that flower, gardens with native species and clean up our littering.  Trees can filter our air, and our water.  They have been around forever.  They are the oldest living things on Earth, so they clearly know how to survive.

People regardless how much time you have left on this Earth, take the time to help it out.  Maybe it will prolong your time on it.  People detox their bodies and eat healthy.  The Earth is a gigantic body.  It needs to be taken care of just like a person, and right now, its either really sick, or its just really old.  Either way, it needs some medical treatment to make it feel better.

If you think that Earth is being killed by us, then help out, clean up.  Take care of the Earth.  Plant some trees.  Trees are medicine to Earth.  Think of it as a young person who is sick and needs to be treated.  We can be the Earths doctors.

To you people who think that the Earth is going through a normal change because of how old it is, or the year gap since the last ice age, think of Earth as an old person.  They are going to die, just like you say, “Earth is going to die.”  I have heard, “Earth is going to die eventually” before, and yeah, it is. Not in my lifetime, unless we keep killing it.  But even though its going to die eventually, treat it like an old person.  That old person is going to die eventually, why do we give them medicine and treatments to keep them alive and healthy?  Because we care about them and want to prolong their death.  So lets love the Earth and prolong its death, eh?

I said that I wasn’t going to vent or rant, but that was about politics.  So I won’t mention a certain president who doesn’t care about this topic, but we should all see what hes doing and be able to make a smart evaluation of how he’s doing.

So, Arbor Day is April 28th.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, I feel sorry for you.  You can go google it. http://www.google.com –> search “Arbor Day”.  Go out and plant some trees that day, hell plant anything.  Plant some native flowers to help out the bees.  Plant flowers to attract some butterflies to your yard.  Find nature.

As always, your liberal hating tree hugger,

Daniel Eric



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