The world is greedy.  Everyone wants something.  Everyone has something they don’t want to part with or share.

People call republicans or the 1 percent greedy because they don’t want to share their money that they earned (or in some cases were given).  Why should they share?  Because you don’t have it and you want it?  Its theirs.  End of discussion.  I do not agree with much of what republicans have as far as views, other than economics.  Taxation is theft.  Do not take someones money to help out another person.  Sure, it is kind to help others, and the less fortunate could use the help, but you can’t force someone to help someone else.  What if you made a dozen cookies, and I said, “Alright, now take four of those cookies and give them to Timmy down the road.”  You may say, “Oh, I would do that in a heartbeat, its nice to do things like that.” When in reality you would be like “Timmy can make his own cookies.”  Which I would then argue, “well Timmy doesn’t have the ingredients.” Which you would say, “Well he can go get them.” and I would say, “You are right, he totally can go get those ingredients, but its gonna take him longer since he has no car.”  and you would say, “well if he wants them bad enough he can walk to the grocery store.”

My argument against the 1% or republican is this, if you have the money, why not start a scholarship, or build a building at your local university, or your Alma matter.  Donate to your schools, make schooling cheaper for students.  NOT FREE, but cheaper.  Give it on your own free will, instead of having it “taken” from you via taxes.  I understand 100% that its your money and you can do what you please with it, and I am against peoples money being taken from them, but donate a little.  Even if it isn’t to schools or planned parenthood.  Give to the environment.

Now liberals.  Stop asking and demanding free shit.  Life isn’t fair, and you are being just as greedy crying for free shit as the 1 per-centers are by not wanting to share.  Sorry little Timmy can’t afford college, but hes sooooo smart and would flourish in college.  Okay, Timmy, go get a job and work.  Maybe you don’t go to University until you are 25 and have some money saved up,  go to the library and read and study while you aren’t working to save for college and self educate yourself.  Save up that money, apply to a small state university, CONTINUE TO WORK during school, and get that damn degree.  Take out some loans like the majority of students do.  “Oh, its so expensive, and racks up debt.” Okay, don’t buy a fucking boat after you graduate or wait until you pay of your debt. “Well that isn’t fair, because I wanted an education I cant get a boat or a house?” Pick and choose, Timmy, pick and choose.  “Well Karl has both, why can’t I?” — Because Timmy, Karl had mom and dad pay for his college and didn’t have debt.  You became a better person because you had to work for it, and you will probably be the type of person who donates to schools to benefit others like yourself.  You in my eyes are a great person because you worked for it, and didn’t take the free handouts.  “Well, we could cut spending in other places to give us free college.”– Okay, where do you expect to take that money from?  “Well the military.” –Okay, then when we are taken over or we are attacked, take your free degree and defend us with it. — We could take from other free things like PP or Welfare, but wait, that would make you sad because you get that stuff for free too.

I am all for everyone being happy and everyone having opportunity to succeed.  There are obstacles though.  There are hurdles, that EVERYONE has to overcome.  Sure some are bigger than others, but everyone has them.  I am a firm believer in “You make yourself happy.”  The world is a big bitch and its about to hit you once you turn 18.  I am sick of those of you who cry about it and want someone to help you get passed it.

Hey, 1% go donate on your own free will.  You may not want to give things to people, but plant a tree, build a park.  Make the environment a happier place.  We are depleting ourselves of oxygen by destroying rain forests.  We are making our streets ugly by taking out trees and parks.  So if you don’t wanna help the poor, at least help the earth.

Take care!

The liberal hating tree hugger,

Daniel Eric.

p.s. Get a job.


One thought on “Greed

  1. In the past few years my family has been in the top 1% of American taxpayers. One of the first things my father taught me was to give 10% of my income away to charity, as the bare minimum (like now when I’m fresh out of college and barely able to buy groceries-hah!) not only for tax purposes but also because I’m blessed as hell and giving back is a huge value my family holds. Even now I’m excited to find some charities I’m extremely passionate about and give them as much as I can. My parents paid my ENTIRE way through school, but I cannot wait to be able to give back to scholarships (even though I didn’t bother applying) and research funds I had available to me. I’m really excited about joining my school’s recent grad giving society.
    All in all, I am just trying to further your point- most people who have the financial resources available to them are more than happy to give them away when they aren’t forcefully being taken.


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