Social Media and Extremists

Social media is great.  It connects people and brings people together from all over the world.  People you might not even meet, ever in your life, can follow you, add you, tweet at you, and like your shit.  That’s pretty cool.

Its also a shit storm.  It has brought to my eyes how fucked up our country is.  AND THIS WAS BEFORE TRUMP.  Racists, cry-babies and trolls.  There are the select few who mind their own shit, and just move along when they come across posts they don’t agree with, and to that I applaud those people.  I try so hard not to get involved, but there are three topics that I am too passionate about to pass up.  Police, Gay Rights and Environment.

I am going to touch on: Racists, Cry-Babies and Trolls.

First, Racists.  Cool, you voted for Trump, and you have a dip stained shirt with an american and/or confederate flag.  You spell like a fucking moron (I probably have some spelling errors in this blog so I don’t mean to be a hypocrite, but Christ…)  You spew this racist shit all over Facebook.  “I don’t care, its my Facebook, delete me if you don’t agree.” Okay, if its extreme enough, I probably will.  You’re shit.  You are scum.  If you are dumb enough to post that racist shit to the public, I am sure you’re dumb enough to forget to change your privacy settings to private.  People can see that shit still..  Not only are you spewing racist shit, you are spewing insensitive shit.  “I don’t want them in my bathroom.”  “Males and rapists are going to use the women’s room now, thanks Obama.” –Like who gives a shit if a guy who thinks hes a girl wants to feel comfortable?  You basically forced them to wanna use that bathroom because you were rude and mean to them when they used “yours”.– A guy and a guy wanna have sex, who gives a shit, unless its with you and unwanted, then you shouldn’t care.  I know half of you red-neck racists get all happy and merry when you see to chicks kiss.  Seems a little sexist.  And who cares what higher power someone prays or doesn’t pray to.  If you pray in your religion and you know your religion is the right one, chances are that you will go to that after-world.  It doesn’t matter if John Smith prays to his friggin turtle.  Keep your mouth shut and live your own life.

Crybabies, stop playing the fucking victim.  Who gives a shit it Jenny hates you for your beliefs.  She doesn’t agree.  Get over it. “My feelings are hurt.”  I don’t give a shit, people are physically hurt every day and they don’t cry as much as you.  “I wanna have sex with whoever I want.”  Okay, cool, who was stopping you before?  We all know it was happening anyway.  “I wanna marry someone legally.”– Okay that one I agree with, but this whole fear that Trumps gonna stop it, get the fuck out.  Its already a law, and if he moves it to the state level choice, leave that state.  You clearly aren’t wanted there, why would you wanna stay?  “People fat shamed Kim, the other day, how dare them.”– People are mean, get over it.  No, they shouldn’t say that stuff to people over social media, but you did post it.  That’s another thing that drives me crazy, this whole fad of “Be you.” like we are encouraging people to be over-weight and unhealthy, but as long as they are happy emotionally good for them.  Eat that Twink and skip the gym.  If they are truly working on their health mentally AND physically, I will give them the credit.  Also note, I would never fat shame anyone.  I know people have feelings, but I just feel like we are a little too sensitive.

Also, this whole, “I was gonna go to the gym, but food.” trend, what the fuck is that.  Especially when it comes from some skinny girl, who clearly works out in some way shape or form.  You realize there are people out there who are actually working their asses off to look like you, not posting about it, not making excuses or “but food”-ing their instagram photos?  You need to quit that.

Lets get a little more off track here..  So I vented about racists and crybabies.  Now I wanna say something about this whole election.  That is,–What the fuck.  I’m not even going to put a question mark on that sentence, because its more of a statement.  Like “you are all dumb as shit.” Yeah, I got political.  I have been trying really hard not to, because no, I didn’t vote and my friends said that I have no say or credibility now that I haven’t voted, but I had to say it.  “We had to suffer through Obama, it was horrible.” Really?  Did you die?  No?  Okay, shut the fuck up and sit down with your beer and spitter before you spill it.  “Trump is gonna ruin my life.  OMG I am so scared for it.  I am probably gonna die.”  Again, shut the fuck up.  Hes gonna make some dumb decisions, just like Obama did.  But will you die?  Probably not.  “But hes gonna make my peoples life hard.”  Life’s hard.  Get over it.  “I’m gonna march, and protest, and scream and shout!” Like a toddler?  That’s right, your mom and dad gave you shit when you did that and you expect it to work as an adult.  Hey, I am all for free speech and marching, but when it doesn’t work, don’t start breaking shit and demanding.

Now you trolls on social media.  Keep doing you.  You make me laugh.

In all honesty, I don’t give a shit about what you think or believe, or what you do with your free time.  Yes, I can delete you if your post offend me, but most don’t.  Unless you say fuck the police, or that gay people can’t get married.  Then I will jump in and wreck you.  I had to bite my tongue a month ago with a girl who was hating hard on cops, and then gay people.  She said no gay could be a real christian like her,— when she had a baby out of wedlock.  (Nothing is wrong with that in my eyes, she was just being a hypocrite and struck a cord with me.)  I didn’t say anything to her, I just told her I knew gay people who were more Christian than some of my straight Christian friends.

I know this post might seem like I hate you all, but believe me when I say this, I do.  I hate everyone equally. (Thanks King Prez for giving me that line) My brother called me a liberal hater a while back.  He wasn’t 100% wrong, but I don’t hate all liberals.  I hate you cry-babies.  I also hate red-neck racists.  I hate extremists.  I fuckin love the environment and trees, but I hate extremists who tell someone who doesn’t like the environment (even though that has to be impossible.) that they are wrong.  Let them hate the environment, its their loss.

Speaking about loss of environment.  Lets get out there and plant some trees.  If I were to run for president.  I would require everyone to have at least 2 trees in their yard, and if you cut one down, you have to replace it with 3.

And with that, from the bottom of this liberal hating, tree lover, have a great inauguration day.


Daniel Eric

P.S. I still hate you.  You know who you are.



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