Thinking on a Thursday

As I sit on my lunch break I can’t help but to think about everything that is going on in the world.  We had an assassination of a Russian Ambassador (which became a meme already…) we have the issue in Aleppo, and Trump doing all this weird stuff on twitter.  We have rain forests being destroyed for cattle production and the snow is melting fast outside (right before Christmas…)  Yes I know that we have more snow coming but I don’t like how fast its melting.

Now, lets start off with the assassination.  This is crazy.  I am nervous to see what comes of this.  Could a new world war start?  Is Russia going to retaliate? (If they haven’t already and I just haven’t heard about it yet)  This is huge.  Back when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated it sparked World War I.  Yet, Americans made the assassination into a meme.  A friggin meme… Everything is becoming a friggin meme.  People are using the “Tag ‘so and so’ they owe me ‘this or that'”  What is wrong with us?  Those are real people.  I was tagged in a few myself but one of them was deleted from my wall, not by me, but by the person who posted it.  My guess, judging off of who he is as a person, is that he either felt bad, or he realized it was a poor taste of humor.  (I could be wrong, but he is a really great guy).  Those posts went on for a few weeks if I remember correctly, and thankfully I have seen less and less of them.

Aleppo is in ruins right now.  I am seeing people being pulled out of debris. Children.  I am seeing children pulled out of debris, and it makes me sad.  What if this was happening in America?  Would you want to flee to a different country and get helped out?  I am always back and forth about bringing in refugees myself.  I see that a few bad apples get in and can cause pain to the countries that they flee to, but I also think about the kids who are dying.  Children are dying.  I want to help them out, but I also see that we have homeless children in our very own country.  Which makes me think, “did we pull out of the middle east to fast?  Should we have stayed?  If we were still there would it be as bad as people said it was when we were there?  I realize we still have people over there, but not the amount we used to have.  I am torn right now about the whole situation over there.

Donald Trump.  I will admit, I liked him more than Hilary Clinton, and still think he was the better of the two evils, but what he is doing by appointing all of these billionaires is kind of sketching me out.  I guess I will have to wait and see how it all pans out.  I will not judge him until I see what he does in the next four years.

Rain forests.  Do you guys realize that we are bringing in meat from South America?  Where the cattle ranches are destroying forests so that they can have land to graze and keep herds?  We have cattle ranches in our own country, yet we have to outsource to other continents to get our meat?  This is totally absurd to me.  Why are we not supporting our own ranchers in our country?  Why are we not buying local meat?  Why does McDonalds not strike up a deal with a large cattle company in our own country?  It takes about 40 years for a forest to totally recuperate and be livable for animals.  I think about lemurs and monkeys, and gorillas.  Their homes are being destroyed so that we can herd cattle to eat because “its cheaper to import it”.  How about we worry about other living things besides us?  Those trees we are destroying?  Yeah, they let us breathe.  They provide food and oxygen for animals, beautiful animals.  Stop buying cheap meat.

Like I said in a previous post though, “It could be worse.”, and I really meant that.  But if we don’t do anything about whats going on now, it really is going to get worse.

So please.  Go out and plant this spring.  Plant some flowers, bushes, trees.  Lets save the bees. Lets save the birds.  Lets save the primates.  Lets save our oxygen.  Lets save our earth.  Whether its saving forests or human lives, lets do it.


Daniel Eric

p.s. Let’s better our planet.


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