It Could Be Worse Tuesday

Yesterday I had an unfortunate event.  I got into my first car accident.  It was horrible.  I didn’t know what to do, what the protocol was.  The first person I called was my boss to tell him I was going to be a little late because of what happened.  I probably should have called the cops first, but I didn’t wanna upset my boss on a Monday, (hes actually super cool and laid back and wouldn’t have cared, but I was just being courteous.) I was pissed.  I immediately thought back to the prior day when my good friend I wont say names, but it starts with a B and ends in rent, told me that “statistically everyone gets into at least one accident during their lives.”  I had to text him when I got to work to tell him “you jinxed me” which I honestly don’t think he actually jinxed me or blame him at all for my accident.  I was pissed though because it is expensive.  I don’t have money to spend on fixing a dent in my car, especially right before the holidays.  I have gifts to buy, (Sorry Joe, your sibling present might be a dollar store pickup) and I am not looking forward to my premium going up.

Then, I got to work.  My car got me there after the accident, I met with my boss who was more worried about my well-being than my being tardy to work, and he was willing to work with me the rest of the week in case I needed to take time to get repairs done or to meet with insurance.  A line that stood out to me from him was, “all that matters is that you are alright and the other person was alright as well.”  I texted my dad and told him what had happened and was expecting him to blow up and be upset, but he said, “Shit happens.”  The rest of the day I kind of dreaded it all.  Even after all the reassuring I was given, I wasn’t looking forward to driving my car down to New Prague so that I could have my parents take it to a mechanic for me (my dad is retired and has time to do this kind of stuff) and I was worried about my rims on my car. “Were they dented?”  Is all I thought about all day.  My rims.  How stupid is that.  That should have been the least of my worries, but still I worried about the rims.

I got to my parents house and started telling them the story of what had happened and how I wasn’t very rattled from the accident itself, but more from the bill that its going to cost.  We all sat around as I binge ate cookies that my mom had made over the weekend (totally worth it) and we watched Monday Night Football.  We were all pretty silent when my mom looked around the room, smiled and said, “you know, things could be worse.”  I thought about it in my head, and agreed.  I had gotten into my first accident, was worried about costs and repairs and three people made a day that should have been “crappy”, not so bad.  My boss reassuring that all that mattered was that I was okay, my dad telling me that “shit happens” and my mom saying “Things could be worse”.  I have a habit of letting things hang over me and bring me down (which I have been working on so so much) and these three people made my day by simple sentences.

I thought about all the things that could be wrong in my life.  I could have a family and friend network that isn’t there for me.  I could have family or friends over seas fighting in a war.  I could be homeless.  I think about Tarek and Christina from Flip or Flop and how the media is getting involved in their personal lives.  Yeah, I got into an accident, but they are dealing with the world knowing about their divorce/separation and about Tarek’s encounter with law enforcement.  These two had a dispute which was unfortunate and the media is blowing it up and making it about the weapons that they found.  PEOPLE OWN GUNS, AMERICA! GET OVER IT!  I was reading the articles and listening to the radio this morning and they said, “he had a pistol on him when cops came, and they discovered five more guns at the house, one of them was an AR-15″…. Okay, what were the other types of guns?  Why do you have to point out that it was an AR-15.  Who cares what type it was, they all shoot bullets, his handgun can shoot semi-automatically. Why do they have to point out that it was an AR-15?  Let me tell you, because they are anti-gun media trying to make a big story out of the type of gun he has.  I thought my day was bad, but this guy not only has media following his divorce, but he now will have anti-gun people questioning why he has “such a unnecessary weapon”.  It his damn right, that’s why.  But hey, things could be worse for this guy as well, he does have millions of dollars and a roof over his head.

Other things that could be worse?  I could have been raised as a PC child.  I could whine about things that hurt my feelings and cry about the world not being fair, but I was raised to work and that if I wanted something, I had to go get it.  It isn’t handed to me.  I am so happy for the way I was raised.  I saw a video of a WWE wrestler yelling at a seven year old boy in the audience and being “mean” to him which caused his mom (who I am assuming is apart of the PC brigade) to cry and be upset with the WWE.  IT IS THE WWE LADY!  These guys have personas of being jerks.  If you wanted your son to be happy and merry, you should have taken him to teletubbies live or something.  Things could be worse than your son being sad because a big mean wrestler told him that he didn’t want to see him wearing the wrestlers shirt.  Cool, you saved $25 because now you don’t have to buy that shirt.  Stop trying to get free shit from the WWE.

Next time you think things are so bad, whether its that you got into a small fender bender or your son got yelled at by a big bad WWE wrestler think about the homeless people, the people losing loved ones, or people being under the spotlight of the media (sure you can say they put themselves there, but I still feel for them their marriage is ending for Christ sake.)  Think about the wildfires in the Appalachians. People’s homes were destroyed, trees were burnt away and wildlife was killed.

We are experiencing droughts around the US and other places around the world.  We need to forget about our feelings being hurt and small misfortunes and look at a greater cause instead of our own hurt feelings.  We need to put differences aside, let go of things that are petty and fix this world.  Sticks and Stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

So get out there.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and if things aren’t PC enough and fix this world.  Start by planting a tree.  We lost a ton with that wildfire and we need to get that air quality filtered a bit.  Lets bring an end to global warming so that we don’t go from “Things could be worse” to “Shit, things got worse.”

Happy Planting,

Daniel Eric


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