Wednesday Winter Woes

Where is the snow?  I do not like this green we are hours away from December 1st.  There should be snow by now.  It isn’t the Holiday Season without snow (sorry to anyone from a lame state that doesn’t get snow, and yes “lame” is an opinion.)  I have always associated snow with Christmas, and even Thanksgiving.  I remember going to my aunt and uncles house on Lake Marion for Holidays and there being ice covering the lake.  It was usually think enough for me to walk on.  This year, my first Holiday with my extended family in a long time, the water was open and geese were migrating south and landed on it.  I went out without a jacket to film the geese chillin in the water (check my Instagram for the video).

This weather is supposed to be romantic, and fun with fresh “pow”.  Instead it has been cold and rainy, do I live in Seattle?!  No.  Where is Tim Allen as the Santa Claus to use his magic even if its just above my car as I drive to work, or down France Avenue to give me that romantic Holiday vibe?  Where are the hills covered in snow, capable of being shredded by skis or snowboards?  This is not the Minnesota I loved growing up.  We need the snow!  (Some of you may be upset that I am wishing for it, but you’ll get over it).

We have skiers, snowboarders, Ice Fishermen (and women), Waterfowl Hunters, Snowmobilers, Ice Skaters and Hockey players all waiting for this winter wonderland.  We need the outdoor rinks opened up, we need the ski hills opened up, we need backyards covered in snowmen and snow families.  We need those big snowflakes coming down on top of new lovers celebrating their first Holiday together with each other’s families.  WE NEED SNOW!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready.  This whole Global Warming thing is pissing me off. “But Global Warming doesn’t exist!” Bullshit, then where is the snow?

Regardless if you believe in global warming or not, I think we can all agree that we need to plant some more trees.  They give us oxygen for crying out loud, and they are damn good looking covered in fresh pow.  Hello, Christmas Trees anyone?  Get out there and plant some this “Spring” even though you could probably plant a few in this “Winter” we are having.

Have a good Wednesday,



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