Wednesday Wisdom

I have ten minutes left of my lunch break so listen closely.  I am going to give you some wisdom today.

  1.  Do not skip out on your diet that you have been working so hard on.  I have slipped on my diet for about the past month and I am feeling the impact.  Boy, I am getting gooey.
  2. Go look at old buildings, and awesomely decorated streets this holiday season.  The snow on the trees is beautiful, and the street lights casting their light over a snow covered road will bring you some joy.
  3. Plan where you would want to plant a tree this Spring.  There are no leaves now, so if you plan where you would want a tree to go you can account for the winter season.  Think of where the tree would look best covered in a fresh layer of snow.  Think back to the fall leaves and the colors they had.  This will help you decide on what kind of tree you want, and you can contrast the color to other trees in the area.  Then go out and buy some seed and try starting the tree inside on your own.  If it doesn’t work you can always pick up a tree from a tree farm or buy a seedling somewhere.  You could also just go straight there and skip the whole attempt of growing a tree from a seed. (I just thought you would want to achieve something cool in your life.)

Today’s blog was short and dumb, but that’s what I do.

Feel free to send me your favorite types of trees.



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