Friday Franklys

Today I start my Friday series.  Its a two part series where I tell you Five things open and honestly.  My second part will come out later and it is called “Friday Forwards” where I suggest a few different ways to pay it forward to bring a light to this cold, cruel world.  And Frankly, I don’t give a damn if you read them or not.

Frankly, I don’t know where I am going with these today.  I was so set on my car ride in to work that I thought I had so many things to say.  I was tired, crabby and groggy and needed coffee or nicotine or hell a drink.  I just wasn’t feeling it this morning.  I was thinking about problems in my life that really shouldn’t impact my day to day duties and obligations, but this morning it did.  I thought of all these negative things to write out and vent to my imaginary viewers.  However, I don’t really remember what they were..

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what they were.  I thought about them and the negative energy was brought to my body and it threw my morning off.  I almost forgot my coffee, I took a longer shower than normal, and I hit snooze about 100 more times than I usually do (which is already in the thousands).  Have you ever noticed that you start to hate the noise produced by your alarm?  My alarm is a couple different songs that I have, and I can’t stand listening to those songs.  Every time they come on they make my skin crawl.

Frankly, there are songs I can listen to every day.  I avoid putting them as my alarm because of my love for these songs.  They usually relax me and put me in a good mood.  Every day at work I have my playlist playing and it draws my focus and mind to my work.  I dance, head bob, sometimes I fist pump, but I have my own office so I have no embarrassment to fear.

Frankly, I need to get over being embarassed.  I used to never get embarrassed.  I would do stupid stuff all the time from running like a dinosaur to wearing a stupid gray hat for three years of college (okay maybe that one I should still be embarrassed about), but I have become so nervous and scared of embarrassment I stopped being me.  I noticed this recently when I would notice I wasn’t happy with this “Adult Dan” that I became.  I stopped having fun, would try to go to bed a decent hour, and would be the responsible one in the group.  Sure I needed a little maturing, but I became such a boring serious guy, and my move back to the great state of Minnesota has helped me get back to my roots (hell, I was out until 1am on a work night last night).  This move back has really become a great thing for me, plus all the trees in Minnesota are gorgeous compared to the flat state.

Frankly, we all knew this next topic was coming.  Trees.  How can I not talk about their beauty?  They do so much for this planet.  Last night a my friends and I discussed the environment and how bad it is becoming.  So much is happening and we need to slow our roll and look at the impact we have on this earth.  I’m not saying “Global Warming Exists” but I am saying we need to take care of this earth.  This is the one place we have to live, and for everyone that is currently alive, its possibly the only planet we will ever live on (see: Elon Musk Mars Trip).  We need to clean up the environment, and by planting trees we can slowly start to do that.  I think everyone should watch some videos on tree planting.  I have also posted two links below that I think everyone should click on. Do it. Do it now. (Read those last two sentences in Arnold’s voice).

Now everyone, go out there into this crazy, crazy world.  Be frank with people and frank with yourself.  To be frank, you only have one life to live.


Daniel Eric




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