Friday Forwards

Hey, welcome to my blog.  Whoever is reading this, you rock.  Earlier today I wrote a blog called “Friday Franklys” and now I felt like writing a Friday Forward, which is kind of like a pay it forward, but not as extreme.  These are minor “Forwards” that everyone can do.

First, lets start with a simple action.  If you find yourself in public this weekend.  Stop and look around.  Forward the beauty of people and animals and nature around you.  Notice the squirrel sitting on a couch by the dumpster that somebody has thrown around.  If you are driving, whip a U-Turn and creep up on that squirrel trying to watch it eat it’s snack.  Sure you might get some weird looks, but its the little things like that, that matter in life.  You owe it to yourself to see stuff like that.

Second, let somebody enjoy you.  Be in public, grace others with your presence.  Smile and show off that smile your parents might have paid to straighten.  Whether it be a constant smile because of the overwhelming joy you have for fall, or a simple “Hey there!” to a stranger that is accompanied by a smile, it counts.  Guarantee if you smile at someone, it will cause them to smile later in the day.  Tell someone to have a good day, stop and point out some swans swimming in a body of water to someone.  Ask the person sitting at the bus stop how their day is going.  Maybe they won’t respond, but the small action of attempting to talk to them may brighten their day, and chip away at that crusty grumpiness.

Third, hold the door for someone.  Anyone.  If someone is following you into a building, hold that door and smile no matter what. Even if they don’t thank you, (I know its rude not to say thanks, but it happens).  Hold every door.  I know you’re probably a fan of GOT anyway.

Fourth, recycle something you find outside that wasn’t properly disposed of.  “But its gross”, oh shut up.  You can wash your hands later, and you probably have a bottle of hand sanitize on hand.  Lets clean up this world.

Fifth, (you probably guessed it if you follow my posts) Get out there and plant a Tree.  One tree for everyone.  If everyone went out of their way and planted one tree our world would be so much more amazing, and it would also give you something to look forward to next fall when the leaves change.  If you don’t have time to plant your own tree I have posted a link below that you can donate.  I have set up an account on The Eden Projects.  Ten Dollars can plant anywhere from TWENTY FIVE to ONE HUNDRED Trees.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Daniel Eric


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