Thursday Thoughts

Remember two months ago when everyone was freaking out over an athlete sitting during the national anthem?  I wonder if people still care, or if that was one of those news things that people pretended to care about like Harambe or Kim Kardashian being robbed.

Society today plays in to the news and tabloids too much in my opinion.  I used to do it, sometimes if its a celebrity I like I will pay attention to it, maybe post about it but not so much anymore.  I usually post about sports and good warm stories. *Thanks Taylor for always posting them so that I can re-post them.*

I scroll through Facebook a lot through the day when I have down time or need a break from my workload given to me by my boss. (shh don’t tell him) I have noticed its all “Killary” or “Rapist-Trump”.  Everyone bashes the other candidate that they do not support and its sad.  How come they can’t see the flaws of both, look past them and look at what they have going for them that is good?  I personally think that they both suck and would love to see another person (#GaryJohnson2016) debate with them.  I think that he would have made them both stick to the debate instead of head hunt each other personally.  I can’t wait until this election is over, and one of these two is POTUS and we can all go back to hating/loving the president, just like the president now.  There is always someone unhappy with the president, but at least these hateful posts on FB will become less and less.  Which reminds me, I have a few more  people to delete from Facebook, you know those really annoying “F*ck Trump” or “F*ck Hillary” people.  I think I’ll just keep my fellow Gary Johnson Supporters on Facebook.

My second thought of the day is related to deleting people from Facebook.  Delete negativity is my new thing.  Delete, Delete, Delete.  If somebody says something on Facebook and it gives me a negative vibe, I don’t hesitate to delete them from my friends list.  Most of the time I don’t even talk to the person in real life let alone online.  But this comes to real life relationships.  I used to keep negative people in my life, but I am slowly realizing at my young age of twenty-five (probably the normal age of realizations) that if someone doesn’t bring positivity into your life, that you should remove them.  I don’t care how close you were once with the person.  If they no longer bring you joy or happiness, or support and guidance, delete them.  No matter where you are at in your life, you should always improve it.  It might make it awkward, but if you ignore the awkwardness, you wont have to worry.  Just live. You will quickly notice how your life has improved without interacting with the negativity all the time.  Sure it sounds selfish to just leave someone, but in this short life you need to provide for yourself and the ones who are there for you.  I’ve always been told not to burn bridges, and its nice if you can delete without doing so, but f*ck it if it burns it burns.  Some bridges are made of steel, and sometimes some are made from wood.  Let them burn because they weren’t strong bridges to begin with.

Speaking of wood, this brings me to my third thought.  Trees.  Yup, bet you were wondering when this topic would come up.  I love trees.  I love seeing the colors they bring to this beautiful planet, which is slowly becoming ugly if you ask me (the Great Barrier Reef, come on people…), but yes this time of the year is beautiful.  Thanks to trees.  I suggest planting an Autumn Blaze Maple or Tulip Poplar in your yard (hopefully both) if you want to have the best looking Fall yard.  These two become beautiful in the fall with the Autumn Blaze being a red and the Tulip Poplar becoming a yellow.  Besides the beautiful colors these two trees provide the planet with Oxygen and help purify the air.

So get out there people.  Delete negativity, and plant some trees.


Daniel Eric



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