Three Thoughts of Today

The world is going crazy…. Crazy over an athlete sitting during a national anthem.

I will be the first to admit, I was pissed.  I posted memes with Usain Bolt paying attention and honor to the United States’ national anthem in the middle of his interview.  I posted a meme of a former teammate of Kaepernick who quit football to join the army.  But then it dawned on me…

Who gives a fuck if this guy stands or sits during the national anthem?  You watch football to watch football, not who stands and who sits during the national anthem.  Do people worry about the people in the concourses or ordering food during the national anthem?  No, nobody cares.  Those people order their food and walk in or around the stadium during it and nobody bats an eye.  But as soon as a player sits during the national anthem all hell breaks loose.

Maybe we should be more worried about what is going on in North Dakota, than one player sitting down.  Yes, Kaepernick has a reason for sitting and he wants attention drawn to this situation and topic that has been going on FOR THE LONGEST TIME, but nobody has talked about the big problem in North Dakota.

In North Dakota there are hundreds of Tribe members protesting against an oil pipeline that would go through their native lands.  Lands that the United States has taken from them and forced them to live on, and now we want to put a pipeline through it.  There were reports that they already dug into a burial ground and I believe this needs to be addressed.  I am glad that I am seeing celebrities like Shailene Woodley making videos of her efforts and work she is doing to help out the cause.  We need to preserve this amazing land that we have instead of focusing on money and oil all the time.

Which brings me to my last thing that has been on my mind.  Trees.  Trees are great.  We need to plant more of these beautiful air filters every day.  Plant seeds, drops seeds while your walking, let the seeds grow wherever.  I believe everyone should plant at least fifteen trees a year.  Even if its just fifteen seeds.  If they don’t make it or grow.  That’s fine, you attempted to make this world a better place.  If you plant a sapling and it dies in the winter, you still tried.  If you plant a tree that is already growing and strong, GREAT.  Just plant some trees.  Fifteen of them.  Go now.  Plant your first after reading this.

Now everyone.  Stop crying about a football player sitting during a national anthem.  Tune into what is happening in North Dakota.  Go plant some fuckin trees.

Have a great hump day!



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