E.L.E.: Everybody Love Everbody

Facebook and Twitter were two social media platforms that I once loved.  I was what you could call addicted to them, and to an extent I still am.

However, I am so sick of the racial and political tension on these sites.  People always tell me “I hate extremists” or “I don’t get into politics.” and before recently, I denied that I was one of those people.  I admit, I posted some extreme stuff and tried to rile people up on purpose to see the frenzies that it stirred up.  I honestly feel that I have backed off from doing so for a while on social media until recently.

I haven’t posted hate filled articles, or were telling people they were wrong, I was just simply supporting the men and women in blue.  I am sick and tired of people on both sides to be truthful.

We have groups of people marching down the streets chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.”  How does one even feel the need to say that?  How could you possibly think that it is alright to chant that about the men and women who, for the majority, protect you and treat you with respect?  Yeah, I get it, there are cops out there who racially profile, and use excessive force.  I am not supporting them what so ever.  In fact, I want them disciplined and charged as well.  They are giving the majority of police officers a bad name.  I am sure there are black people out there who are sick and tired of the select few bad people of the same race as them giving them a bad name, and I know some POC who are embarrassed of the BLM movement, which in my eyes has turned completely different than what it was intended to be like.

Now here is where I may lose some of you that I haven’t already lost:

Black Lives do matter, every life matters.  Nobody wants to take another humans life.  Trust me, that is why soldiers returning from war have PTSD and other disorders.  It isn’t fun.  They aren’t coming home and bragging about their kills.  Most of them never want to talk or hear about it again.  The same goes for police officers.  They don’t put on the blue and walk out to their cars to drive to work thinking, “You know what?  I think it would be fun to shoot someone today.”  They are going to work thinking about their family, kids, friends, husband or wife, mom and dad, or brother or sister.  They might be thinking about a TV show that they have been watching, or a movie that they saw a trailer to.  I would bet my life that 99% of the police on the force have never thought about WANTING to shoot someone.

Now yes, I get that there is racism still.  I never said that there isn’t, and would never be stupid enough to disagree that it isn’t around.  I see what people are posting on BLM videos, or Blue Lives Matter videos that I’ve shared.  The “Lets run them over” comments, or the “These people need to get jobs” (honestly I am a little confused on what these people do for work since they are protesting so much, but that not the point)  I see that there is hatred on both sides, but one thing I can guarantee you will never see happen is a Police Force walking down the street arms interlocked with their uniforms on chanting things similar to “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”.

Lastly, I am not telling anyone that they can’t protest.  I am not saying to go home and forget about it, but I am suggesting going a different route with it.  Walking down the interstate and blocking traffic may have worked during MLK marches, but the difference between then and now is the safety concern.  Yes, it was always dangerous, but streets weren’t as busy and packed with cars as they are now.  Population has gone up, and the pictures you see of MLK marches are of groups so much larger than the ones I have seen recently, they aren’t some thin line of sixty people with picket signs.  There were HUNDREDS of people and they didn’t get violent.  I have watched the videos of the protesters standing side by side with MLK, and those people were being beaten by police, bitten by the police dogs, and gassed.  I never saw the protesters fight back in these videos.

The videos I see now, seem to be 180 degrees opposite.  Police are being attacked, bricks are being thrown at them, they are even being shot as we saw in Dallas.

I don’t know if I blame the government or my fellow millennials for the way everything is being handled.  All I know is that I am ashamed of my country.  One that I love and will always love, no matter the outcome.


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