Is it really Monday?

9:27 on a Monday morning.  Nothing gets much worse than this.

The weekend has come and gone once again and everyone woke up this morning (most of us did, I am sure there were some who didn’t) and commuted to where we needed to be whether it be work or school.

Taking a look at my Monday I first think, “I hate work.” or “Fuck this.”

But then, I think about how fortunate I am to have a job, and an education.  I look at the homeless men standing on exit ramp corners with signs asking for my money that I was on my way to work for.  I think, “That could be me.”

Now, I know I sound hypocritical comparing myself to them and seeing how poor they are and feeling bad, but I can’t afford to help at this moment.  Maybe down the road I could, when I have more money, but right now with $1.92 in my bank account.  I don’t think it would be logical for me to hand them the last dollar in my account.  I recall the time I gave that Vietnam war veteran $10 bucks and asked “What are you going to do with this?”  He simply told me he was going to go around the corner and buy a burger.  The smile on his face was priceless as I gave him an idea for a sign.  I told him “Put ‘Give me a dollar if you think your girlfriend is hot.’ on one side, and on the other side, ‘Laugh if you think your boyfriend is ugly.’ I saw a sign like that once.  I laughed, and I was alone..”  He thought that was the best sign idea ever, so I guess I helped a little bit so I shouldn’t have felt bad this morning.

And now I sit here, ten minutes after starting this random blog post.  To be fair, it is my first one, and I started off with a completely different topic then what I ended with.

To bring the beginning, middle and end together, the moral of my blog is “Yeah, its Monday, you might not be happy with your job, school or life at the moment, but look at the person next to you (or on the street corner).  Is your life really as bad as you think?”


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