Why Autumn is the best Season

As we approach the dog days of Summer, I can’t stop dreaming of a crisp, fresh air of an Autumn morning in the North.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summertime just as much as anybody else, but come on.  If you have lived in the northern half of the United States, I’m sure you know what I am talking about. The weather is amazing.  You can wear a light sweatshirt and jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and shorts, a jacket and leggings, boots, and flannels.  Be careful though and be sure to dress in layers, especially if you live in … Continue reading Why Autumn is the best Season

Spring 2017

  To my few select readers, I have not written in a long time.  Last time, I probably vented or went off on some political rant.  Today, you don’t get that. It is Spring.  New beginnings.  New life.  Everyone is starting to shed their winter fat and get their beach bodies going.  Well they’re at least trying.  That’s not a stab at anyone in particular, but if it was, he knows who it would be directed at.. Spring.  The second best season out of four.  The cold dark days start becoming longer and brighter.  They are warmer and more colorful. … Continue reading Spring 2017


The world is greedy.  Everyone wants something.  Everyone has something they don’t want to part with or share. People call republicans or the 1 percent greedy because they don’t want to share their money that they earned (or in some cases were given).  Why should they share?  Because you don’t have it and you want it?  Its theirs.  End of discussion.  I do not agree with much of what republicans have as far as views, other than economics.  Taxation is theft.  Do not take someones money to help out another person.  Sure, it is kind to help others, and the … Continue reading Greed

Social Media and Extremists

Social media is great.  It connects people and brings people together from all over the world.  People you might not even meet, ever in your life, can follow you, add you, tweet at you, and like your shit.  That’s pretty cool. Its also a shit storm.  It has brought to my eyes how fucked up our country is.  AND THIS WAS BEFORE TRUMP.  Racists, cry-babies and trolls.  There are the select few who mind their own shit, and just move along when they come across posts they don’t agree with, and to that I applaud those people.  I try so … Continue reading Social Media and Extremists

Phonie Phones Thursday

I sit here on my lunch break every day, usually watching youtube videos or movie trailers on imdb.com, and sometimes I write blogs to the few views I have.  Today I started the beginning of my lunch break thinking about society and technology and that video most of you have probably have seen where that guy says that technology is the problem for society today because it cuts personal communication.  I really liked the video myself, and had a debate on whether the guy was right with one of my friends.  (My friend made some good points, but I still … Continue reading Phonie Phones Thursday

Return From Holiday Tuesday

The worst thing about Holidays?  The return to work after the long weekend.  I was fortunate enough to have yesterday (Monday) off from work as we observed the Christmas holiday.  It was nice not having to actually go through a Monday, even though the day “Monday” itself isn’t all that bad.  I actually feel bad for that day as it gets the short end of the stick from all of the other days.  Monday isn’t the real problem, its the feeling you get from returning to work and the dread sets in of another week of working.  Though this week … Continue reading Return From Holiday Tuesday

Thinking on a Thursday

As I sit on my lunch break I can’t help but to think about everything that is going on in the world.  We had an assassination of a Russian Ambassador (which became a meme already…) we have the issue in Aleppo, and Trump doing all this weird stuff on twitter.  We have rain forests being destroyed for cattle production and the snow is melting fast outside (right before Christmas…)  Yes I know that we have more snow coming but I don’t like how fast its melting. Now, lets start off with the assassination.  This is crazy.  I am nervous to … Continue reading Thinking on a Thursday